Welcome to the River Region!

Originally, the International Family Orientation Program (IFOP) was a 2-day event for spouses and dependents ages 18 and up to gather in person and learn about the U.S. culture, regulation and laws and spend time to connect with each other. 

This year, we will cover all the need-to-know information for your time in the U.S., like car seat regulations, healthcare, and severe weather preparation in a virtual environment. The virtual IFOP will also introduce you to local volunteers and other international spouses to build lasting friendships. 

International families, for more information and details on the virtual IFOP, please request access to the IFSO News - Maxwell AFB Facebook group or sign up using the registration form below and we will reach out to you! All information briefings and contact information will be posted in the Facebook group.


Orientation Registration

For information on the International Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base, visit https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/IOS/

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